Works in Progress

Windsor, L. (2020) Language in the World: A comparative perspective on global language trends.

Windsor, L. (2020) Linguistic Properties of the Voynich Manuscript. With Zhiqiang Cai, Ivan Zelinka, and Alistair Windsor.

Windsor, L. (2019) A Theory of Language and Power in the International System.

Windsor, L. (2019) Language and Violence in the Rwandan Genocide.

Windsor, L. (2019) Gender, Language, and Representation in the U.S. Senate. With Sara Mitchell, Tracy Osborn, Bryce Dietrich, and Andrew J. Hampton.

Windsor, L. (2020) Gender and Language in the British Parliament: Linguistic Correlates of Conflict Propensity. With Doug Gibler (UAB), Dennis Foster (VMI), and Austin Schutz (UAB).

Windsor, L. (2020) A Machine Learning Approach to Political Language and Personality. With Deepak Venugopal, Alistair Windsor, and Manish Kasu.

Windosr, L. (2020) EEG Correlates of Attention to Political Advertisements. With Steve Sands, George Deitz, Miriam van Mersbergen, Nick Simon, Jennifer Tatara, and Alistair Windsor.

Windsor, L. (2019) Genetics, Gender, and Language. With Pete Hatemi (Penn State)

Windsor, L. (2019) Machine readable text and the scientific study of diplomacy. With Mark Niemann and Zuhaib Mahmoud.

Windsor, L. (2019) Women World Leader and the Language of the Political Double Bind. With Courtney Burns (Bucknell University), Gabrielle Peterson (Undergraduate, Georgia Southern), and Allison Sulkowski.

Windsor, L. (2019) Language Correlates of Election Outcomes. With Dale Bowman and Alistair Windsor.

Windsor, L. (2019) Topic Modeling in an Unknown Language. With Zhiqiang Cai, Ivan Zelinka, and Alistair Windsor.

Windsor, L. (2019) Text-as-Data Methods for Political Science Research. With Allison Sulkowski and Tessa Alexander.

Windsor, L. (2019) The Language of Coup-Proofing in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. With Susan Allen (Ole Miss).

Windsor, L. (2019) Leadership, Language, Crisis, and Peace. With Baris Kesgin.

Windsor, L. (2019) Coh-MetrixML: A Multi-Lingual Syntax and Semantics Tool. With Grayson Cupit, Andrew Tackett, Zhiqiang Cai, and Alistair Windsor.

Windsor, L. (2019) The Partisan Divide: A Computational Linguistics Analysis of Bias in the Senate. With Drew Hampton, Nia Dowell, and Mae-Lynn Germany.

Windsor, L. (2019) Gender and Computer Mediated Communication. With Colin Carmon, Art Graesser, and Nia Dowell.

Windsor, L. (2019) Linguistic Correlates of Wine Ratings and Prices. With Michael Houston, Jennifer Tatara, George Deitz, Miriam van Mersbergen, Alistair Windsor, Drew Hampton, and Courtney Peters.